Using Your PlanPlus Online Account From Anywhere at Anytime on Any Device

Believe it or not, personal planners have always been portable devices—even before the days of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Those thick, heavy binders were a badge of honor to lug to and from work and to meetings. Heavy, yes. Awkward, yes. Nevertheless, people knew that you had “a paradigm of being proactive and synergistic!”

Of course, those planners also had some disadvantages. You could lose it—that’s a major problem there. It could take hours to enter notes, contact information, and your weekly and daily planning—and if you attended a meeting, everyone would have to write down the same information and deadlines to store in their individual planners.

3-insightNowadays, planners have evolved from printed programs into software programs. That makes them not only more portable, but also more convenient and reliable—and if you work in an organization, even more synergistic! (Don’t you just love that word?)

In reality, all of your PlanPlus Online planner information is stored in the “cloud”—a secure, remote bank of computers. You never lose information, even if a phone breaks or a battery goes dead. You can access your planner information using most any digital device with an internet connection. Your laptop, tablet, and smartphone can all be used as your “planner.”

mobile-apps-heroHowever, with the huge number of various digital devices that function on different operating systems, you can imagine how complicated it is to ensure that you can connect to your PlanPlus Online account at anytime and anyplace in order to sync your latest planner updates or information on any device.

PlanPlus Online has been busy simplifying the process of syncing from your digital device to your PlanPlus Online account—and has placed the process all together on our new Sync Setup Wizard.

This resource starts with a simple to navigate page that asks a few basic questions and directs you to the right sync setup resource. If you’d like help syncing your data with PlanPlus Online, this is the place to start!

Click here to find out how to use your digital devices to sync with your PlanPlus Online account.