What do the “Productivity Whizzes” do that you don’t?

Have you ever met those people who just seem to naturally productive?

They seem to always be busy achieving amazing things.

If you’re anything like me, you may have felt a little envious toward these people who seem to effortlessly float from one accomplishment to another.

I’ll let you in on a little secret I’ve discovered. These “Productivity Whizzes” are actually trying much harder than they may let on. In fact, that’s a big part of their key to success.

They’re able to work incredibly hard and avoid productivity pitfalls because they’ve mastered self-discipline. The good news is, you too, can develop superhuman self-discipline and become a productivity whiz.

Here are 3 tips to help get you started:

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Remove Temptations

All of us feel tempted by activities or distractions that can diminish our productivity.

If we remove those temptations ahead of time we allow ourselves to develop good habits that will help us confront those same temptations in the future.

Eat Healthy Snacks throughout the day

Studies have shown that willpower and optimism decrease as blood sugar drops.

So be sure to give your body the fuel it needs so that you can be your most disciplined and productive self.

Reward yourself when you succeed and forgive yourself when you fail

By rewarding your successes, you will train your brain to associate hard work with rewards.

When you fail the most productive thing you can do is to forgive yourself, and try to learn from your mistake.