28 04, 2017

What is Project Management?


What is Task Management? Have you wondered what the difference is between a task and a project? Task A task is a simple activity, a single unit of work. For example, turning on the light is a task. You flip the switch—and it’s done—task completed. Normally, a task shouldn’t take forever to complete, and isn’t [...]

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16 05, 2013

5 Tips for Effective Project Management


No matter how well planned a project may be, there are challenges that will have to be overcome. Additionally, there are numerous factors that can derail a project as well as many types of internal and external conditions that can affect it. Fortunately, by taking certain precautions, it becomes possible for any type of project [...]

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13 12, 2012

What is CRM?


Perhaps you have heard of, or maybe you have used CRM software in the past or you currently are.. But what does CRM really mean? What is its real purpose?  Yes, it stands for Customer Relationship Management, but what is that… really? […]

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