Productivity Tip: Why plan at all?

Have you ever planned a vacation, or a move, or a party, or some other event? Then you know how much work is involved! Planning, checking, adjusting, and planning again is all part of the process of creating the result you want.

Most events would be a disaster without planning!

When it comes to planning your life however, people are less committed to planning. In reality, you have a choice to either make things happen, watch things happen, or wonder “what happened?!?”

Here are some of the many reasons why planning your life is vital.

A planned life gives you direction

Planning allows you to know where you are going, and how you’re going to get there. Without a plan, you lack direction and focus, and run the risk of spending your time doing things that fail to benefit your future.

A planned life puts your dreams within reach

If your dreams have ever felt a little “pie in the sky-ish” it’s probably because they weren’t grounded in a plan. A plan provides action steps necessary to achieve your dreams.

A planned life gives you peace

Just knowing that you’re taking steps to create the life you want gives you a sense of peace. Without a plan, it is easy to get into confusion and despair about which way to go, and how to spend your days.

A planned life gives you purpose

When you take the time to plan your life you choose to live life “on purpose.” You no longer just “exist.” You embrace your purpose and make it happen through action.

At the heart of PlanPlus Online is a system to help you connect WHAT you do all day with WHY you do it. This helps you discover new energy, focus, and determination.

This step-by-step process helps you uncover your personal mission and then shows you how to translate your purpose into daily productivity—balancing your purpose with the demands of your job, your family, and your life.

In other words, it helps you plan your life!

I invite you to take advantage of this tool. You can learn more here.