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7 07, 2017

System vs process: What’s the difference?


Business process management is a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. To improve your workflow, you need to know the difference between a system vs process. System vs Process When’s the last time you took a bus? In most cities, buses [...]

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22 12, 2016

Start the new year with a grateful heart


We need to realize that it’s not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. If wanting a new year of greater abundance is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, you must first acknowledge and appreciate the abundance you already have. Gratitude is what starts the receiving process. If you are thinking about [...]

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18 08, 2016

Do you have karkorrhaphiophbia?


Karkorrhaphiophbia is the fear of failure—and who doesn’t have a little of that, am I right? Interestingly enough, the major symptom of karkorrhaphiophbia isn’t actual failure—it’s paralysis. You don’t do anything because you’re afraid you might fail at it. Two gifts Over the years, life will offer you many gifts. Two of the more valuable [...]

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29 06, 2016

How does your team answer these five questions?


At your next team meeting, ask these five important questions: Can we speak up and take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed? Can we count on each other to do high-quality work on time? Are goals, roles, and execution plans on our time clear? Are we working on something that is personally important for each [...]

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8 06, 2016

How do you get the most from your training program?


It was a great training session! Packed with important information about the new program at work. The trainer was an expert and kept the group focused and, on occasion, laughing. Everyone was anxious to get to work. Except… over the next few days it was harder and harder to figure out how to implement the [...]

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25 05, 2016

60 seconds with Tamara Bunte…


Why did you choose to become a productivity expert? I’ve always been fascinated by why some people achieve extraordinary levels of success and yet others struggle. I wanted to know what separates success from mediocrity, abundance from scarcity, and happiness from depression. What was it that made some people rise above challenges and others hide [...]

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18 05, 2016

When’s the best time to get a coach?


Short answer: before it’s too late! If things are basically good—but you know they could be better—you’re ready for a coach. Many people work with a coach because they know they’re ready for more and want to reach full potential as soon as possible. Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot said, “I absolutely believe that [...]

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17 05, 2016

Are you making this mistake with your team?


As a leader, you must make sure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for your team. No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as an entrepreneur or small business owner depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. A successful leader is one who can spur his [...]

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13 05, 2016

Can You Afford Having a Real Estate Team?


You don’t have to do everything alone—being part of a successful real estate team is a great way to jump-start your career or to take your career to the next level. At some point, most real estate agents discover that to move forward with their careers, you’ll have to build a team. Usually, it’s when [...]

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7 05, 2016

Graduating seniors: get good at doing this one thing, and most all of life will be easier!


“We’re free!” we all shouted. Graduation was over, and we were free! We thought—now that we’re finally out of high school and free—that freedom is the ability to do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, without interference from any authority. Well… that was a long time ago, and it’s taken a lifetime [...]

Graduating seniors: get good at doing this one thing, and most all of life will be easier!2019-01-10T18:56:53+00:00
3 05, 2016

I can do it by myself is a lie—don’t believe it!


Have you ever felt you knew exactly where you wanted to go—but just didn’t know how to get there? You may need coaching. The myth… It’s ingrained in our culture: The “self-made” success! The lone champion! The belief that achievement is best if done alone is a dangerous lie—and it’s probably hurting you! Admittedly, we admire [...]

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7 04, 2015

How Much Should I worry About Company Culture?


Company culture has become an increasingly important aspect of building a great company, attracting and retaining good people, and enjoying a successful career. In the past, business or corporate “culture” was equated with dress codes or typical managerial and employee behavior, like aggressively climbing the organizational ladder or taking a cutthroat approach to competition. But [...]

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