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Even on your most busy day you’re only doing these 4 types of things

November 14th, 2019|All, Goals, Time Management, Work Life Balance|

Go ahead… think of your busiest day. Look at you go! Crazy busy, aren’t you? Think of all the things you were doing. Wow! So many, right? Yet, believe it or not, you were [...]

What you plant today you will harvest later

October 4th, 2019|All, Goals, Leadership, Newsletter Articles, Time Management, Work Life Balance|

Depending where you live, autumn starts the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. This year in the US, 91.7 million acres of corn; 80 million acres of soybeans; and 45.6 million acres of wheat will [...]

Getting stuck isn’t a problem—staying stuck is

October 2nd, 2019|All, Mental Models, Newsletter Articles, Work Life Balance|

Do you want to do great things? Are you struggling to complete your most important projects? Do you feel stuck in the gap between what you aspire to achieve and what you actually execute? Nothing [...]

Think Big to set goals and Think Small to achieve goals

September 27th, 2019|All, Goals, Newsletter Articles|

If you’re someone who is constantly struggling with achieving your goals (and who isn’t?), do you know what’s standing in your way? Do you think your goals have become just too hard to accomplish? Maybe [...]