16 09, 2015

3 Habits to Improve Sales Team Collaboration


In the world of sales, sales team collaboration is often a primary goal, but there can be significant obstacles to this, including a lack of systems and processes to enable it, the workflows and responsibilities of team members, competition between reps, and the geographical separation of employees or virtual teams. These factors and others can [...]

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8 09, 2015

SMART Goals – How to set them


When it comes to setting feasible and achievable goals, there's one key bit of advice that you should consider: set SMART goals. This acronym is used to describe a particular concept and method for effective goal setting. The concept has been around since 1981, when George T. Doran published a paper in the business [...]

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3 09, 2015

why email marketing is still useful


Today there's a lot of emphasis on the power of social media, marketers can sometimes forget to step back a decade and remember the tactics that used to work for them. 10 years ago, before Facebook exploded and the subsequent flurry of Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and all the rest - online marketing was either done [...]

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1 09, 2015

When is it time to consider a new website?


If you're in business then you're going to have a website. This is simply a true thing for this day and age. In fact, it’s pretty much fair to say that, nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business. Nearly everybody validates a company with a quick Google search. Even if [...]

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25 08, 2015

What to Look for in a Small Business CRM


When evaluating CRM solutions for your small business, there are a number of core needs that are common across virtually all businesses. Of course, the priority of certain features or benefits may vary a bit based on the nature and structure of your business, your processes, and your day-to-day interactions with your customers. But here [...]

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18 08, 2015

7 key lessons in optimization


Optimization is an important thing. Apart of that is A/B testing and it can be a big scary thing if you’re just getting started with optimization of your website. Start with some basics to lay the groundwork, and keep them in mind when things get complicated. Nail down your most important goals before you start [...]

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11 08, 2015

How to GIF with Success


GIFs are are trending right now, and in a very big way. Facebook recently announced the new FIG capability, allowing users to share, post and like GIFs on all platforms. It’s about time and they aren’t the only ones, here’s some tips we’ve seen, learned and want to share with you. 1. Remember your audience [...]

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28 07, 2015

Twelve Months of Agile App Improvement At PlanPlusOnline.com


Over the course of the last twelve months, PlanPlus Online has made some great progress in updating our agile CRM App.  About a year ago we revised our implementation of the “agile” development methodology through the study of the book Scrum by Jeff Sutherland.   While we always thought of ourselves as an “agile development” [...]

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23 07, 2015

Collaborate With Your CRM As A Teammate


"So, What Makes you want to be in sales?" Always seems like this question gets asked in just about every interview for sales roles of all levels.  When answering the question, one of the most common responses tends to include the candidate's competitive nature. Don’t get me wrong -- it’s not a bad thing and [...]

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21 07, 2015

How To Jump-Start Your Small Business With A Smart CRM


Here are some ways to leverage a CRM to jump-start your business: Cut out the bad data Bad data in the form of duplicate records, missing information, inaccurate information, and outdated data can cost you almost $100 a record! With automated data capture, CRMs are becoming smarter and doing the work for you, like adding and [...]

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15 07, 2015

5 Content Creation Tools To Improve Productivity


Content Marketing can be time-consuming.  With a good plan, you can be more effective, and using the right tools should be an important part of that.  Between balancing budgets, brainstorming new campaigns, and managing your editorial calendar, you need more than just an Excel spreadsheet to stay organized and churn out consistent content. Here's some [...]

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7 07, 2015

Why Mobile Relationships Matter


We have been transformed into a mobile world that forms a new relationship with consumers and brands. It is always on, and close at hand and our first port of call whenever we have a question (or product to buy). But that’s all old news and although it’s startling to think that the smartphone is [...]

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