30 06, 2015

Improving Your Definition of Qualified Leads


If you’re sending all of your leads to your sales team without qualification and prioritization, then you’re potentially asking them to pursue unqualified leads with minimal ROI and waste time on other leads that will go absolutely nowhere. To avoid this, you can apply a few simple criteria to ensure that your sales team is [...]

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23 06, 2015

A few things to know about digital advertising


If you’ve ever hired an attorney, you know they work by the hour and sometimes the answers can be long-winded.  Once you get an answer it can be tied with riddles,or just a theory, therefore; sometimes it can just be unusable.  Despite anything, you're going to be doing digital advertising; whether it would be banner [...]

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2 06, 2015

Develop your brand through customer service


Most technology is non-differentiable.  Which means we can’t leave to finding the differences with features alone. So where does this leave us? Branding. Your brand is simply how customers talk about you.  Sure, things like colors and messaging matter, but if you fail to align your organization’s story with your actions, even the best logo [...]

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26 05, 2015

Reasons for you to love unsubscribes


Lots of email marketers tend to look for quantity in their lists vs. quality. Which usually leaves the unsubscribes looking bad sometimes. Are unsubscribes a bad thing? Actually no, not really. You can learn a lot from those people who opt out of your list, which means you can end up with stronger, better email [...]

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19 05, 2015

Happy Employees = Happy Customers


There is over 10 years of dedicated focus on documented production and management PlanPlus Online technology solutions have been expressly designed for industries that rely on workflow automation for productivity boosts. Our knowledge base and technical expertise are the result of long-tenured and trusting partnerships with our customers to help produce documents of the highest [...]

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12 05, 2015

The Value and Benefits of Customer Referrals


Referral marketing and customer referrals are nothing new in the world of business, but sometimes they’re overlooked due to an ever-increasing focus on online and digital marketing. However, if you’re interested in generating new business and greater profitability, customer referrals should never be forgotten or overlooked, and they can also be an important part of [...]

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28 04, 2015

Insights on native ads via Twitter and Facebook


There are many different types of advertising, native ads, twitter, Facebook, google ads. A popular first advertising insight is native ads. These can include social ads like a promoted tweet in your twitter stream or specially chosen content place in your Facebook feed.  The difference between these ads and traditional banner ads is the way [...]

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31 03, 2015

Bridge Thinking


Recently, I’ve been thinking about bridges and how “bridge thinking” might help you to be successful. Bridges have always intrigued me. Even since I was a child, I would spot bridges and beg my parents to change their route in order to go over the biggest ones. A favorite bridge is the Navajo Bridge at the [...]

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24 03, 2015

Is Your Data Actually Safe with a Cloud Provider?


With so many high-profile cases of hacking being reported in the news every week, it’s natural for us all to feel a bit scared and apprehensive about the security of our data. One common concern among companies is whether it’s safe to store data in the cloud, particularly with a third party cloud provider for [...]

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17 03, 2015

How do I fix my landing page? It’s failing!


Ok, so you’ve got an awesome product ready to go. You think it’s the best piece of sliced bread and it’s going to revolutionize the world, make everyone’s lives better and make your company rocket to the top. To that product, you've built out a landing page, where you've highlighted key product features and services [...]

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3 03, 2015

The Basics of a Sales Forecast


Businesses of all sizes and levels of maturity will inevitably confront the need or desire for a sales forecast. This forecast is a projection of sales results at the end of a defined period of measurement such as a month, quarter, or year. These future expectations are critically important in projecting revenue and profit, measuring progress [...]

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17 02, 2015

Social Media Predictions for marketing 2015


With many changes going through last year when it comes to social media, you can be sure to expect some changes coming for 2015. Video has become a content of choice In 2015, video will be dominating social media content. Regular segments such as podcasts and blog posts will become their own form of content [...]

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